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Why should I get my safe serviced?

Over time, keyless combination locks as well as key operated locks will wear with use.
In most instances this wear will start to show up with the occasional 'hard-to-open' combination lock.

"It took me 5 tries to dial it open yesterday!"

"It was really hard to close last night."

"The dial is really hard to turn on that first number."

"It seems really loose when I turn the dial."

"I spent 2 hours last week trying to open that stupid lock!"

If you have said this or heard it being said, you should take action NOW to avoid the expense of a lock-out.
In the vast majority of cases the lock can be set right by a competent and complete servicing.
Key locks can wear prematurely if they are lubricated to overcome 'stickyness' of operation.  Worn or damaged keys can mean a 'clicky' feel to the lock.

Servicing the safe also involves the inspection and adjustment of the door on the hinges, the boltwork in the door and the movement of the bolt-throw handle which operates the boltwork.  Many locksmiths use the incorrect grade grease or too much grease to lubricate these moving parts.
Many a safe has been put right by a thorough clean and the application of the correct grease type.
If your last service involved a can of spay.......... get it re-done soon.

All brands of combination locks
1896 Chubb Key Lock in need of service