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Nearly all safes that use a conventional keyless combination lock can be converted to an electronic safe lock.
Electronic locks are generally easier to use than dial type mechanical locks.

In many instances customers may require special features for their business safe.
Some of these may be.

  • Multiple user codes
  • Dual custody
  • Time delay
  • Time locking
  • Audit trails
  • Duress output function
  • Government B Class locks

Safemaster Locksmiths have used Lagard, Kaba-Mas, S&G, and Ross Electronic safe locks.
Over the years many electronic locks have come and gone, some more reliable than others.
Call us for advice before you convert.

Videx Cyberlock Systems are also a specialty of Safemaster Locksmiths.

This innovative locking system allows the client complete control of their own lock system.
It is a combined Access Control/Masterkey system with full Audit capabilities.
Cylinders have no batteries or cabling and can be fitted to padlocks, knobsets, deadlocks and most commercial lock hardware.  In the majority of commercial applications only the cylinder requires changing to the Cyberlock cylinder.

The access control capabilities of this system is vastly superior to a conventional key system.
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